Karl Berrang launches a screw wholesale business from his home in Lindenhof, an area of Mannheim.

Everything began immediately after the Second World War. Using his private house as both an office and a warehouse, and with his wife Elisabeth as his only employee, Karl Berrang began setting up his company in hard times. From this modest start, the business has grown over the decades to become an international provider with global offices and a team of more than 400 staff.

The close customer relationships we maintain were the key catalyst for our growth on an international level. Our vision: customers around the world should expect the level of quality and service people have come to expect from Berrang. This is why a subsidiary was established in the USA in 1997, followed by an office in France in 1999, China in 2009, and Poland in 2012.

At the moment, the next generation is entering the operations side of the company, ensuring that the business retains its profile as an independent family-run business in the future.